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random means "having no definite aim or purpose," (1655), taken from "at random" (1565), "at great speed" (thus, "carelessly, haphazardly"). In 1980s college student slang, it somehow, and sadly, acquired a distinct sense of "inferior, undesirable." (Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper) Well, okay, fine, Mr. Online Etymology Dictionary person, but THIS is the 21st Century. It's a whole new ball of wax.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Might as well face it I'm addicted to

making small houses (and other, semi-house-shaped structures):

Friday, July 27, 2007

have you seen our Zine?

What are those two up to now?

proudly present

We have been wanting to do it for ages now...and finally...we did! Create a zine that is....It's a full color zine (more like a book if you ask me...does that make it a zink?) and it's a veritable treasure trove in an 8.5 x 8.5 package. Its full color glossy pages are brimming with eye candy from fabulous well known and up-and-coming artists; it's also chockful of reviews, info and advice you can really use! With art history and artist profiles, recipes and tech tips galore. We hope you will delve into it's pages and glean the same inspiration and joy that we did putting it together.

To purchase PASTICCIO ZINE click here!

Pretty in pink; hold that pen, paint by number, iconic images & drink your vodka on the rocks

I'm lovin' the digicolor combo of this headshot (though feeling more myself with my hair long again. WHAT was I thinking the past few years? Did I fall for some theory about short hair, convince myself that spunky was a contraction of sassy & punky and that was just about exactly what I wanted? Maybe, but I never really achieved the perfect anime cut/style I imagined in my nightly forays into other worlds and ardently desired in waking hours, so for now, I'm boycotting the salon and back to chopping these bangs myself).

Need a zipper bag, perfect for keeping pens organized in your everyday messenger? Lisa gave me this one, it's from Gecko Traders and easily holds all of my PITT artist pens from Faber Castell:

Look what I found on the sale table, for $6?? I'm keeping my eyes open and holding my breath in hopes I will come across a few more with horse(s). After I finish this one, it will be hung in a spot of honor in Bonanza Jellybean (otherwise known as "the guest room"):

I find myself recreating my own art, with slight differences each time, using a snapshot I have of these three kids; it was taken in 1988. Maybe it represents an evolution of faith:

And last but not least, this doesn't really seem to need any commentary from me:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My art (and other things) spilleth over

Like Scheherazade, I had so much with which to regale you yesterday, I decided to save a few tidbits for tonight to tide you over while I'm being weekend shopgirl, so with no further ado, here is another "grafittied garden gate" assemblage:

Several more of the houses I "built" for Angela's and my In This House yahoo group's "Unruly Artists Skylines & Skyscrapers" swap:

Another canvas I attached to a little "picket fence" (imagine the two together - bird/nest, get it?):

A pretty little image my brother Pete let me have from a wacky, early 20th century book he found on the subject of "Health":

Another photographic portrait I love of Silver (again by Heather), this time at the library:

And finally, another book that's currently "by my bedside", Sense of Style: Colour by Shannon Fricke. You may say to yourself, "Sheesh, why would anyone, let alone Sarah, need another book on colour?" Well, of COURSE I don't NEED another book on color, but dear reader, please note a Subtle Difference. This is coloUr! And in that single letter is a Whole New World, as it was sung in Aladdin, the animated musical. Seriously, the photographs in this book are practically dripping - even oozing, so saturated, so rife with color are they. So what the heck, I think you all might want to consider that empty spot on the bedside table (or floor) filled:

A couple of other notes --- look for details on the release of the latest cARTwright & fiShburn publication, Pasticcio (the zine) in the next few days. We'll have all the deets on where to get yourself a copy.

Denise, my heart goes out to you. I'm thinking good and loving thoughts for Sam's recovery.

Oh, I will have my art/Tartx manufacture bottlecap earrings and necklaces, mirrors, etc. listed on Etsy by the end of next week.

And one last thing. If any of you are interested, I have some pieces of excellent and pretty (vintage) Blue Fish to sell, and would like to deal directly, cutting out the (middle) Man. Let me know.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Call me Scheherazade (or 13 Not So Arabian but Rermarkably Brief Topics)

I have so much to tell you, so with neither prelude nor fanfare, and in no particular order:

1) That day I hung out with my friend Pat in Santa Fe a few months ago? She took me over to visit one of her neighbors who is not only a prolific artist herself, she also runs a remarkable local "artists' resource" --- that is to say, do you need a rare & wondrous odd element? Laura almost surely has it, and at an incredibly low price. I bought a grandfather clock door from her for only $7.50! She knows where EVERYTHING she has is and if you knew how much she has you would be mouth-open-in-disbelief-stunned. Laura, thank you!

2) The portrait below is my handsome and swell son Silver, taken by his sweetie Heather at The Cloisters in NYC. He is currently living in Brooklyn and doing temporary work as he seeks a permanent position. His degree is in Political Science/French, he is an accomplished artist, cuts a mean stencil, is a good dancer, can write and he's great with kids and animals, too! If you happen to live in his neighborhood (or nearby) and have any connections, or would like to hire a willing worker, you can contact him on his blog.

3) On the first day of our road trip last month, we stopped for cold drinks at a street fair, just being set up, in some little town in Utah, east of Green River. The old library, with its evocative old books smell, is now an Antique Shop. Geraldine, the darling little girl (probably roundabout 100 years old now) in the photograph below, insisted on coming with us on our summer of 2007 western road trip adventures, as she found the A. S. atmosphere kinda stifling!

4) Yes! We made it to the Grand Canyon, finally! More on that to come. And we stopped in at the Mad Greek in Baker again this year; it was surely well over 100 degrees there, oh, but the spanokopita - I mean food - is totally worth the trip (and the decor is beautifully clear blue and white, it's truly my image of Authentic Greece, ala The Moon-Spinners)!

5) When we met up with Angela at Balboa Island, we had such a blast, and I will try to post more on that later as well. I gave her some of the little buildings I've been constructing for the In This House yahoo group Unruly Artists Skylines & Skyscrapers swap. Here's a peek at a few of them - once I got started, it was hard to stop; yes, if only I had nothing else to do:

6) Here's a canvas I recently worked on; it looked rather small and a little forlorn, so I attached it to a miniature picket fence gate (more 3-d than my scanner could accept) and it perked right up.

7a) I was SO lucky that my lovely friend Marie Otero sent me some of her exquisite "Clearly" Lost Aussie Designs, along with a handful of house shaped images. Do you adore them? I will post some art done with them soon. 7b) From Renée Plains, I received the utterly darling Utility Apron pattern (#155) from her Liberty Star line. Fetching AND utilitarian, what more can a working (artist!) girl ask? 7c) Did you all get your latest edition, HOTP, of CRAFT? Why, tell me why, dear God, was I born without the knitting gene? Is there technology to transplant it cheaply and painlessly yet?

8) I noticed a few of you all have been mentioning the ultra cool "design your own ring" concept marketed by Staxx.com. Since I actually have some of their elements, I thought even though I may not be the most graceful hand model, you might like to check out some of my sf/staxx collaborations:

9) Here you see another piece of my "garden gate as background" art. This was too big for the scanner, but I think you can get the picture. I have never been a huge consumer of Golden paint products, though now and then I've run my brush through a pigment or two. After spending an evening on the phone with Liz Albrecht, the US rep for Stewart Gill, I was quite convinced I needed to try out THEIR products and am really psyched about them. The Byzantia line is crazy beautiful, showcasing a lusciously rich sparkling jewel tone palette. The MetaMica paints have enough tiny bits of mica to really pack an iridescent punch. I also ordered some of the Asian stencils (so pretty) and the next time I'm feeling rather flush, intend to spring for some of their funky and wildly different-from-anything-out-there cityscape and foresty themed rubberstamps!

10) I'm waiting impatiently on a delivery of a couple of issues of Stiletto Heights zines. In case you haven't yet seen any of author/artist/pub Jennifer Gordon's art, here's a fave piece of mine:

11) Okay, all my local comrades. . .we def. want what Santa Cruz has. . .don't we? So let's get on it. I think Ray Kinsella heard it said best in Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come."

12) After sending out several sets of my "LOVE is a place" atcs, I find I have one set left.
It could be yours for the asking. . .

13) This summer has carelessly flown by as I daily call out, "Wait, wait!" Along with the every day laundry list of my sparsely to non-existently journaled life, my Auntie Jean and Uncle Larry were over to visit from Cedar Rapids, Iowa while they were staying in Estes Park, Angela and I finished working on our most recent collaboration, Pasticcio, the zine and yes, I did finish reading the last Harry Potter book.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reprise, Friday July 20, 6-9

Friday, July 13, 2007

Things To Do In Denver (when you're alive)

If you live in the vicinity, don't miss this opening! Two of my favorite artists from New Mexico are showing. I know Holly, and her work absolutely astounds; its mysteries will leave you breathless. My darling friend and art pal Pat Chapman creates technically virtuoso assemblage. Not only are they perfectly swell constructions, with cunning bits and pieces she gathers from the best secret sources (!) and her own handcrafted frames, the same pieces may literally make you laugh AND cry. The woman's wit is boundless, and she always looks fabulous to boot! Get thee to their show. If not tonight, while it's there~!~
I'm sorry to say I'm not able to get down for their opening (having a "Limone Sale" tonight myself - I was lucky to be invited by my sweet friend Caterina to join her gang of artistic compatriots for a grand showing and sale at her home), but I send out airborne congratulations and kisses to Pat and Holly.