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random means "having no definite aim or purpose," (1655), taken from "at random" (1565), "at great speed" (thus, "carelessly, haphazardly"). In 1980s college student slang, it somehow, and sadly, acquired a distinct sense of "inferior, undesirable." (Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper) Well, okay, fine, Mr. Online Etymology Dictionary person, but THIS is the 21st Century. It's a whole new ball of wax.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year's Ragtags

Happy 2008 to ya! I have been having a spate of nosebleeds that has kept me away from the keyboard - can not let it get all over that! - let alone everywhere in Art (my go-to room for making it). . .but have a few loose ends to tie up/tell you about. . .need to get back to my emails, too. . .
First, the winner of the calendar is Jolene! Yay, Jolene, hope you'll love it - it's on its way.
Secondly, today is my little mum's birthday; she would have been 76 - Happy Birthday, Little Mummy, wherever you are. Hope you're having fun.
Next, a couple of excellent Christmas gifts I received to show off.

This darling little ornament just arrived from my trés arty AND artistic friend
Tawnya in Denver - yes! we need to get together, woman. . .
Chai - the real deal - Silver and Heather remembered and brought me this
pretty little bag of it from Adivasi in Brattleboro, Vermont. . .
Went shopping at the M.A.C. store in Cherry Creek where
Corina got me Viva Glam VI -
"In the spirit of all Viva Glam, every cent raised goes to the M·A·C AIDS Fund
to support the fight against HIV/AIDS."

Another tiny treat from Tawnya:

Got lucky (again!) from Lisa with Taco Pups:
Santa left one of these (with a note) cool gifts for each and everyone who celebrated Christmas at our house. It's a 'green' To-Go-Box, with a movable divider, so we no longer have to be environmentally care less when we eat out:

On New Year's Eve, I went to First Night with September and the boys (Colin was home a little under the weather and it was oh so freezing out). First we watched some film shorts made for kids, then a magic show and finally, Bella Luna, a French -style (Italian name) cirque. They were just grand.

Also went to a matinee with my girlfriend Monica; we saw Juno and absolutely relished it!

I am going to be reviewing Links, the new book by the lovely and witty (and generous) jewelry designer Jean Yates on Amazon in the next few days, so be sure to log on to see what I have to say!

Finally, if you haven't yet ordered your copy of Pasticcio 2,
well, what are you waiting for?
Get it here!

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