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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Woo-hoo, UHU

The next time I go to the Market, I will be stocking up on refills for this fabulous product.
I have used numerous "glue rollers" in the past, but none were as cool as this one from UHU, and with such satisfying results joining paper to paper.
The glue (in miniscule dot form) is thin enough to be used under thin papers and not show, yet strong enough to bond securely. Where other rollers get gunky underneath and around the roller itself (which is the mechanism by which the glue dots are delivered from within the casing), this one doesn't gunk up in the least, which may be due to the nearly microscopic size of the"dots". I also feel like with this roller, a little DOES go a long way, since none is wasted. With other rollers I've tried, difficulty in rolling out the product lead to losing a fair amount.
The top finger gripper bar makes application quite comfortable and I have been able to use it when working both right and left handed.
Whether we're picking our adhesives from the point of view of career paper artists or are making art just for fun, we're all looking for adhesives which not only adhere, but are also economical and easy to apply. Clean-up? With a UHU glue roller, it's not even a factor, how swell is that?