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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little will suffice...

We didn't buy a tree this year - a quick discussion between Colin and me settled that the little vintage aluminum tree would be just fine. This was our second year to make that decision. If it were up to me, as much as I love the piney woods fragrance, I would forego the cost every year, though I would totally always miss those quiet evening hours when we all sat together with only the tree lights sparkling.

Anyway, here's a pic of our "tree" and a couple of vignettes of some of the little items I put out so we would still have the fun, without losing sight of the real meaning of the season. Click on any of the snaps to see them bigger.

The wicker basket holds a small collection of Carnegie and Schleich
animals the little kids love to play with. The trés cool mushroom bag
is my Hanukkah "basket" from Lisa for this year.

On top of the living room bookshelf is a sweet little Scots "Santa"
I got several years ago from my cousin David.

In the window are some of our Italian Fontanini creche figures.
They're fondly known in our house as "The Village People."

The little red dressed doll was my mum's. When she was sharing out
her things with us, my brother Joseph said he wanted it,
but he was gracious enough to let me take her.

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