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random means "having no definite aim or purpose," (1655), taken from "at random" (1565), "at great speed" (thus, "carelessly, haphazardly"). In 1980s college student slang, it somehow, and sadly, acquired a distinct sense of "inferior, undesirable." (Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper) Well, okay, fine, Mr. Online Etymology Dictionary person, but THIS is the 21st Century. It's a whole new ball of wax.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UNlucky 13???

Well, with one thing and another, I didn't get it together to give the product clue for my ongoing contest on the 13th as promised. So here goes, better late than never!

Summer this year has been CRAZY. Honestly, it almost felt like we had no real summer. It rained, and rained some more, and now it seems like fall is ready to come on strong. So, during all the rain this summer, I didn't have something I really needed - used to have - it disappeared. What is it, and what celebrity recently both sang about it, and designed some pretty nice ones? If you know, or think ya do, leave a comment and I'll get back to you - but make sure you don't put the answer IN your comment! YES! There will be prizes!

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