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random means "having no definite aim or purpose," (1655), taken from "at random" (1565), "at great speed" (thus, "carelessly, haphazardly"). In 1980s college student slang, it somehow, and sadly, acquired a distinct sense of "inferior, undesirable." (Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper) Well, okay, fine, Mr. Online Etymology Dictionary person, but THIS is the 21st Century. It's a whole new ball of wax.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's the coolest job in the world (and maybe the hardest?) being a mother. So many ways to screw up, and so many ways to do good - every day of the year. I know it's pure chez, but! My kids totally give me my greatest joys and cause me, a relatively optimistic person, my craziest worries. I love them all fervently, almost as much as I love their dad (um, that's a joke, a reference to an interesting book by Ayelet Waldman...). Actually I really do love them all equally, but each differently. The same is true with grandkids. Equally, but differently. I hope that's something they will always remember, how much I cherish them, even when I may lose it in the moment...

Anyway. Mother's Day is cool, like the job itself, but also, kinda hard when your own mum's gone. I mean, I can still hear mine whenever I speak, nuances of voice and cadence, and sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see a glimpse of her. We were never best friends, but I loved her fiercely, and feel badly for all the times I let her down or disappointed. I was too often selfish, or maybe I am simply too much myself to have been successful at trying to be the perfect daughter for my particular mother, still, I wish I had been. If only she had had "anudder" daughter...On the other hand, she always said she didn't really like or trust women. And that with good reason! She did have a few girlfriends throughout her life...They were certainly better than I was at being there for her. Argh! This all sounds a bit morose for Mother's Day. I don't mean that! Happy Mother's Day, all y'all!!!!